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Unbelievable flight with MAS
"An unbelievable flight with MAS is just wonderful when you are on a year end trip with my cousins. With a great view of the sunrise is just glorious. The crew were excellent with great meals. A very good takeoff and landing which sums up a memorable flight with Malaysia airlines. "

About Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the flag carrier of Malaysia and one of the few airlines in the world which have a five star rating by SkyTrax. Based in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia Airlines has some domestic but mostly international destinations. In 1997 it set, in collaboration with aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the record for furthest non-stop flight in the world with a distance of 20.044 kilometers using a Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.

The airline used to be named Malaysia Singapore Airlines (MSA), a joint-venture between the two countries. MSA grew rapidly as flying become less expensive after the post-war period. The needs were different though, Singapore wanted to focus on international flights while Malaysia preferred to develop a domestic network. In 1972 MSA was divided and the assets split. The new company Malaysia Airlines System was formed to try to ride on the name recognition of MSA. Years later the name was changed again to Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia lost a lot of market share especially in its domestic Malaysian routes to Airasia and is barely profitable at the moment. With its low-cost subsidiaries MasWings and FireFly it tried to regain market share in the domestic route but so far has failed. Its financial woes has caused the airline to lag behind in customer service, in-flight entertainment and services compared to regional competitors like Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways. It is currently in the process of upgrading its fleet with new Airbus A330 and the Super Jumbo A380 aircrafts. Its decision in 2011 to ban children from sitting in certain sections of the aircraft (the baby ban or child free zone) was controversial but has received lots of praise. Infants are not allowed to travel First Class on Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 and in the upper deck economy section of the A380. Passengers with children under 12 are unable to book these seats.

Malaysia Airlines flies to over 109 destinations. Most Malaysia Airlines flights are for destinations in Malaysia but Malaysia Airlines has international flights to several other countries as well, like for example Indonesia and China. From its main base in Kuala Lumpur 516 flights depart every week. Many people who look for Malaysia Airlines tickets look for flights to Jakarta and Singapore.

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Rules and information for Malaysia Airlines

Checked and hand Baggage allowance

Each passenger can bring into the cabbin one standard bag with a maximum weight of 7 kg.

The maximum weight for checked baggage is 20 kg. You can check-in multiple bags but the combined weight may not exceed 20 kg.
It is possible to check-in more weight, but there will be additional costs. Please contact Malaysia Airlines for the exact price before you book a flight.

News about Malaysia Airlines

19 Dec 04:38 Malaysia Airlines to increase services in Indonesia