Bandar Lampung is the capital of Lampung Province in Sumatera Island. This city is a joint of Tanjungkarang and Telukbetung. Bandar Lampung is quite wide and lived by many kinds of ethnic groups making this city as the central of education, culture and economy in Lampung Province. Port Bakauheni is located 90 km away southern of Bandar Lampung which is also the gate for Sumatera Island. Bandar Lampung is easy to access for the location is not so far away from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.


During 1500-1800, Lampung province is occupied by Kesultanan Banten. Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa's territory then was given to Netherlands by Banten's prince, Lampung Province was included also, after Netherlands helped him to fight Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa. This request was stated on a letter dated on March 12th 1682 for Major Issac de Saint Martin (the admiral of VOC ship which landed at Banten) from Sultan Haji. The letter was also supported by an agreement (on August 22nd, 1682) allowing VOC to gain monopoly right of pepper trading in Lampung. At that time, Lampung was the main producer of peppers. That's why many countries in Europe were attracted to go to Lampung for it was believed that whoever controlled spices would be able to control the world.

Things to see

One main destination in Bandarr Lampung is Teluk Kiluan Beach. You will be able to find an exotic beach with eye-catching scenery. If you want to see various animals, whether commonly seen or rare, you can see them in Lembah Hijau (Green Hill)

Things to do

Bandar Lampung is known for Way Kambas National Park, the oldest national park in Indonesia. In this national park, you can feel natural forest atmosphere while going around riding an Sumateranese elephant. There's also a mount which once shook the world, Mount Krakatau. This mount is located at Sunda Strain which is separating Sumatera and Java Island. Now, Krakatau has become the favorite place to enjoy holiday. You can snorkel and dive there.

Things to eat

The most famous culinary in this city is seruit. This food is made of fried or roasted fish mixed with condiment and various kinds of fresh vegetable. This culinary is perfectly served with warm rice. There's also tempoyak, typical condiment made of fermented durian.


Flying to BANDAR LAMPUNG: BANDAR LAMPUNG is served by Radin Inten II Airport. Radin Inten II Airport is located about 23 km north from BANDAR LAMPUNG. A taxi into the city from Radin Inten II Airport would cost IDR 140.000. Read more about Radin Inten II Airport or look for flights to BANDAR LAMPUNG


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