Travel Guide BANGKOK


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and one of the most charming capitals in Asia. Bangkok's modernization has not made this city abandon its century old traditions. Although Bangkok has become infamous for regular flooding and political upheaval, the government is prepared and working hard to ensure Bangkok is still a good place to visit.


Bangkok was small trading centre and port. Ayutthaya Kingdom was the pioneer of modern Thailand from 1350 to 1767. The word "˜Bangkok' itself was taken from Bang Makok or Bang Koh. Bang means village or city on the edge of a river, Makok is the name of a plant producing fruit like olive, and Koh means an island surrounded by rivers. Though Ayutthaya Kingdom was lost to Burma in 1767 and the new king settled a new capital, but Bangkok has been known until now.

Things to see

While visiting Bangkok, you must go to Grand Palace. Grand Palace itself is a king's palace abandoned for years by the royal family of Thailand Kingdom. The unique architecture will surely amaze you when you see it for yourself. Another place you need to visit is Vimanmek Mansion. This building is the biggest made of hardwood building in the world. This building's European architecture is so beautiful to see. You can see also lots of collections of King Rama V. Another unique building is the giant lying-down Buddha statue in Wat Pho. This statue is covered with gold and the eyes and feet are pearls. Madame Tussauds is also available in Bangkok, in Siam Discovery Mall. Madame Tussauds is a wax museum where you can find many world socialite statue made of wax. You can see the proclamator and happened to be the first president of Indonesia, Bung Karno, here in Madame Tussauds Bangkok.

Things to do

Apart from enjoying unique architecture and museum in Bangkok, there a re a lot of things you can do while visiting Bangkok. You can down through Chao Phraya River, a wide river gapping Bangkok. You can do it by using a ferry or cruise ship. Enjoying every corner of Bangkok from the river will surely give you an extraordinary experience. Like other big cities Bangkok also has a play ground completed with tense and interesting rides. The playground's name is Siam Park City. You can find many rides which will surely challenge your adrenaline. For you who love shopping, don't miss the opportunity to get various souvenirs with cheap price in Chatuchak Weekend Market. But this market is only open on Saturday and Sunday.

Things to eat

Bangkok is known for its tasteful typical food. So when you come to Bangkok, make sure to taste those foods like Tom Yum. Tom Yum is a kind of sour-spicy soup containing noodle, fresh shrimp and various vegetables. The taste will surely make you want more and more. Another typical food you need to try is Pad Thai, which looks like kwetiau (shahe fen). As the dessert, you can try Som Tam which is the typical salad of Thailand containing young papaya poured with nut sauce or khao niew muang (mixing of fresh mango and coconut milk poured with sweet coconut milk cream). And if you want to try an extreme food, Bangkok has fried bugs.

Getting to BANGKOK

Flying to BANGKOK: BANGKOK is served by Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport is located about 30 km east from BANGKOK. A taxi into the city from Suvarnabhumi Airport would cost THB 400. Read more about Suvarnabhumi Airport or look for flights to BANGKOKDon Mueang International Airport is located about 25 km north from BANGKOK. A taxi into the city from Don Mueang International Airport would cost THB 250. Read more about Don Mueang International Airport.

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