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Dili is the capital of Timor Leste which once was one province in Indonesia. As one country's capital, Dili is also the biggest city in Timor Leste. Dili city is located in Timor Island directly bordered with Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, exactly located on the northern side of Timor Island. On the southern side, Dili is bordered with Australia separated by Timor Sea. The culture you can find in this city is still influenced by Portuguese culture.

Dili History

Portuguese started to stay in Dili in 1520 and in 1596, Dili became the capital of Timor Portuguese country. Japan army has occupied this city in World War II. Indonesian army succeeeded taking over Dili, after nine days Timor Portugis announced its independence from Portugal on November 28th 1975. After taking over by Indonesia, Timor Portuguese became the 27th province in Indonesia and changed the name becoming Timor Timur with Dili as the capital. But on May 20th, 2002 Timor Timur gained its own independence from Indonesia and settled a new country named Timor Leste.

Things to see

Enjoy the beautiful scenery in Lake Tasitolu located in Tasitolu. Not far from the lake, there's a hill where you can find the statue of Paus Yohanes Paulus II on the peak of the hill while seeing a whole view of Dili City. In Largo De Lecidere, you can see a beautiful well-arranged comfortable and clean city park while browsing internet for there's wifi facility at this park. You can see an interesting city clock, local people usually call it as Lotte Monument.

Things to do

If you go to Dili, you have to hike on Fatucama Peak for there's a landmark of Dili City named the statue of Cristo Rei or Kristus Raja. The white sandy Beacou Beach is one beautiful beach you can find in Dili. At this beach, you can just play sand or buy some fresh fishes directly from fishermen with cheap price. For you who love photography, you can come to Atabe sub-district to capture various old buildings and its fresh nature.

Things to eat

When in Dili, you can try pa'un cake. It's easy to get this cake for it's sold almost everywhere in Dili. This food is usually served along with Timor coffee, a coffee known for its quality. There's batar daan, corn soup mixed with beef, vegetables, peanuts, and starfruit. You can also easily find roasted fish in this city for there are many merchants selling it on the street. The roasted fish you can find in Dili is usually served with seasoned ketupat. There are also many fushion food of Portuguese you can try. There's bacalhoada made of dried cod fish, gazpacho andaluz in the form of blended vegetable cold soup or lulas recheadas made of squid filled with cassava porridge.

Getting to Dili

Flying to Dili: Dili is served by Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport. Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport is located about km from Dili. A taxi into the city from Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport would cost USD 5.00. Read more about Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport or look for flights to Dili


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