Lagundri and Sorake Beach

Gunung Sitoli, Indonesia

Lagundri and Sorake Beach

Lagundri and Sorake Beach are 2 beaches on one beachline. The distance of both beaches is only two kilometres away. Both beaches are located in Botohilitano village, Teluk Dalam sub-district, Nias Selatan district, Sumatera Utara Province. Both beaches are known well among professional surfers both domestic and foreign.

Both beaches are famous for their challenging waves for surfers and noticed as the best surfing spot after Hawaii. The wave can reach up to 7-10 meters with 5 levels. The push power of the waves can be up to 200 meters. When full moon, the waves will be even more challenging. This fact is caused by the location is directly facing Indonesian Ocean and also the meeting point of bays making the wave flow big.

You can find white sand carpet in this beach and many corals spread along the beach. Many experts say that beaches with many corals have bigger waves tha those sandy beaches.

For tourists who want to learn how to surf, you can learn it at this beach. Local people will be your surfing trainers. The best time to learn surfing is in the morning for the waves are not quite big yet.

Many surfing competitions have ever been held at this beach both national and international. Those competitions are usually held in June or July annually when the waves reach their maximum hight and power. Nias Open is one surfing competition routinely held on both beaches. The participants are mostly from foreign surfers.

If you want to stay overnight at Lagundri and Sorake Beach, you can choose one of 60 homestays available there. The renting price starts from IDR 75,000 per night. One starred-hotel you can find is Sorake Beach Hotel.

Lagundri and Sorake Beach

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Transport options Lagundri and Sorake Beach

You can choose a flight heading to Binaka Airport, Gunung Sitoli. From the airport, you can continue your trip to Lagundri and Sorake Beach located in Teluk Dalam using public transportation. You will be charged for about IDR 40,000 per person.

If you use either private or rented vehicle, you can have two route options:

- The first route: via Lahewa through Nias Island heading to Teluk Dalam.

- The second route: go along the coast through some sub-districts, Gido, Bawolato, Idanogawo, and Lahusa.

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Flying to Gunung Sitoli

Gunung Sitoli is served by Binaka Airport. Binaka Airport is located about km from Gunung Sitoli. Read more about Binaka Airport or look for flights to Gunung Sitoli