Bunaken Island

Manado, Indonesia

Bunaken Island

Bunaken island has an area of 8.08 km2 situated in the Bay of Manado, north Sulawesi, Indonesia. This island is part of the Bunaken National Marine Park. The beauty of Bunaken National Marine Park is world class: this National Park is one of the marine parks with the highest biodiversity in the world. It has high diversity of corals, fish, echinoderms and sponges, and more than 70% of all the known fish species in the Indo-Western Pacific.

One of the main reasons to go to the island of Bunaken is for scuba diving. The whole park has a vast area of 75,265 hectares with five islands in it, among others: the islands of Manado Tua, Bunaken, Siladen, Mantehage, Naen, Mantehage and several smaller islands.

Although it covers various islands, for protecting the park the diving spots are limited. Tourists can go diving at 20 designated dive spots across the park varying up to a depth of up to 1334 meters.

Bunaken Island

Of the 20 diving points, 12 are around Bunaken Island, lined up from the southeast to the northwest of the island. These are the most frequently visited by divers. Here you can also see the Underwater Great Walls, or as it is often called the Hanging Walls, made of a giant rock wall that stands vertically and curved upward.

Due to the unpredictable currents diving here is better suited for experienced/intermediate divers. But you can also go snorkeling. Even in front of your guesthouse or resort the water contains an incredible amount of marine life.

Bunaken Island

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Transport options Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island is about 60 minutes by boat from Manado harbour, alternative you can get a boat in Blue Banter harbour. Most resorts will pick up their guest from the airport.

At Manado harbour a public boat leaves daily except Sundays at 2-3PM from the canal on the north side of Manado market. It costs about Rp 25,000 one way for tourists. It returns to Manado, also except on Sundays, from the jetty in Bunaken village around 8 to 8:30AM.

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