Batu Suli

Palangkaraya, Indonesia

Batu Suli

Gunung Mas communities certainly have been familiar with this tourist attraction, called Batu Suli. This tourist spot is located precisely between Manange village and Upon Batu village, Tewah sub-District , Gunung Mas District, Central Kalimantan Province. This place is located on the banks of Kahayan River, so that when viewed from a distance, it has very beautiful panorama. It lies indented to Kahayan River as if the stone is about to fall into the river.

Panorama will be more beautiful if you climb to the top of Batu Suli. It takes between 20-30 minutes. But you do not need to worry because at stone summit, there is a place to rest provided. One attraction of Batu Suli is Batu Antang. Batu Antang is also often called by the name Batu Tingkes which means narrow hallway. Batu Antang is composed of two stones. In between the stones there is a small. Interestingly, although a small gap but it's still passable by humans by crouching. But if you're afraid, don't you ever try because here there are myths that you should pass the gap with full confidence. If not, you can get jammed between two stones.

According to another legend, once there were some stones, fractions of Batu Suli, wich were swept away and ended in certain places. By the local community, the name of the stones is enshrined into the name of the village until now, such as Batu Ampar, Batu Mahasur, Batu Badinding, Batu Nyapau, Batu Ampang and Batu Nyiwuh.

Batu Suli

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Transport options Batu Suli

Batu Suli tourist attraction is located about 200 km from the city of Palangkaraya. You can use ground transportation to Tumbang Manange village which takes about five hours trip. Or you can also use a kelotok boat and down Kahayan River from Port Tewah which takes about two hours. Arriving in Tumbang Manange village, you can rest first and then continue the trip by climbing.

Palangkaraya Travel Guide


Palangkaraya is the capital of Kalimantan Tengah Province. Palangkaraya is with an area of 2,678 square km the largest city in Indonesia when looking at land area. Recently, in the year 2010, some Jakarta politician had the idea to move the capital of Indonesia to Palangkaraya where there is still lots of space for development and traffic conditions are pretty good. The idea was shelved for the time being though.

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Flying to Palangkaraya

Palangkaraya is served by Tjilik Riwut Airport. Tjilik Riwut Airport is located about 5 km east from Palangkaraya. A taxi into the city from Tjilik Riwut Airport would cost IDR 60.000. Read more about Tjilik Riwut Airport or look for flights to Palangkaraya