Travel Guide Tawau


Tawau is a city located in Sabah, Malaysia. Tawau is the third largest city in Sabah. The city is also a commercial city directly bordered to Nunukan, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Tawau natural beauty is very interesting to explore. This city is the first point gateway to the three islands: Mabul Island, Sipadan Island and Pakalai Island. This city could be your next destination options.

Tawau History

In 1898, Tawau was a small fishermen village and also included into the territory of the Sultanate of Sulu. Finally, the Sultanate of Sulu signed an agreement and handed Tawau over to the British. British and Dutch governments then set the border in order to avoid disputes because at that time the Dutch was trying to conquer Tarakan. The border is in Sibuco River and both sides set up a borders committee in 1912. The committee signed the report and map with its border territory on February 17th, 1913 which was passed on September 28th 1915 in London.

Things to see

If you come into this city, you can see Masjid Al-Kauthar, a pretty famous mosque in the city. This mosque is a building with a green dome. You can also come to Tawau Beach where your eyes can see the view towards the sea with various activities of fishermen who catch fish up to a beautiful view of the sunset. One of the other interesting sights is the Ulu Kalumpang Forest Reserve. This place is a nature conservation area where you can see the orang utan conservation.

Things to do

One of the tourist sites that can be visited with family in this town is Tawau Hills Park. The park is located about 24 kilometers from Tawau town center. Camping Ground is also provided for you who want to camp at this place. You can also take a walk to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and scenery this place offers. On the Sabindo Beach you can aim your camera to capture the beautiful scenery of the sunset. In Sabindo Seafood Tawau Centre you can try seafood cuisines of Tawau. You can cross toward Mataking Island, Mabul, Pompong, Kapalai and Sipadan for diving to enjoy the underwater paradise of the islands.

Things to eat

This city is also popular with food named Kari Ikan (fish curry). It's just the shape and taste of the food here is different from fish curry from Indonesia. Fish curry in Indonesia is usually yellow with coconut milk while the fish curry in this place is a bit reddish colored with marinade flavor, very sharp on the tongue. Keropok Amplang is also one of the famous foods in this city. The food is often bought by tourists for souvenirs. Keropok Amplang is usually made from mackerel fish or shrimp, it is delicious.

Getting to Tawau

Flying to Tawau: Tawau is served by Tawau Airport. Tawau Airport is located about 30 km east from Tawau. A taxi into the city from Tawau Airport would cost 45.00. Read more about Tawau Airport or look for flights to Tawau